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POP! Whoosh! Pfft!

August 22, 2013 Leave a comment

An integral part of my almost-daily gym workout is doing push ups with the aid of a balance ball. The sequence of events progresses as follows:

push ups

Well, yesterday things didn’t go as planned. As I was rolling across the top of the ball to get into the push-up-ready position, I heard a loud POP! I then proceeded to crash onto the mat:

Ball break

The diagram doesn’t do the event justice. It wasn’t a gradual fall from grace. Since the ball was thin-skinned (like BD00), it was a fast crash. As you might surmise, a long and hearty LOL! was shared by all who witnessed the event.

Since the World Gym that I go to is open 24 X 7, it has 8 cameras distributed all around the facility. I’ve asked the owner to please sift through the video coverage and clip out my “ball-busting” segment. If/when she gets the video snippet, I’ll try to post it here so you can get a big LOL! out of it too.

21st Century Buddha

June 28, 2012 3 comments

I’ve changed my mind. Instead of a “System Thinker“, I wanna become the…..

How about you? What do you wanna be?

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Request For Fashion Help

April 21, 2012 8 comments

In a few hours, BD00 will be boarding a plane for sunny Melbourne FL to participate in “Golf Camp 2012“. As he did in 2010, BD00 would like to ask for your help in picking out his opening day outfit for a bogey free Sunday. Err, since BD00 plans to go shirtless to highlight his Hans-and-Franz guns, you can at least pick out the shorts part of the ensemble.

The figure below shows BD00’s paltry wardrobe selection back in 2010.

Of course, due to prudent stock picking, sold out speaking appearances, consulting fees, and master leveraging of massive tax loopholes, BD00 has been able to expand his links couture commensurate with the growth in his girth and enlargement of his ego. Thus, BD00 has added the following “design patterns” to his Kardashianesque wardrobe:

So, what’s it gonna be dear reader? Charlie? Pisces-dude? Lorraine? Bird? Mark? Other closet readers?

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