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POP! Whoosh! Pfft!

An integral part of my almost-daily gym workout is doing push ups with the aid of a balance ball. The sequence of events progresses as follows:

push ups

Well, yesterday things didn’t go as planned. As I was rolling across the top of the ball to get into the push-up-ready position, I heard a loud POP! I then proceeded to crash onto the mat:

Ball break

The diagram doesn’t do the event justice. It wasn’t a gradual fall from grace. Since the ball was thin-skinned (like BD00), it was a fast crash. As you might surmise, a long and hearty LOL! was shared by all who witnessed the event.

Since the World Gym that I go to is open 24 X 7, it has 8 cameras distributed all around the facility. I’ve asked the owner to please sift through the video coverage and clip out my “ball-busting” segment. If/when she gets the video snippet, I’ll try to post it here so you can get a big LOL! out of it too.

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