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When I Was Born

August 12, 2013 2 comments

Last Thursday, I went to the fabulous Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester NY to watch the opening round of the PGA golf championship. In prepping for the trip, I flipped through my considerable collection of gaudy Loudmouth golf shorts to pick out the pattern I would wear. In short order, I decided to to wear my cherry bombs.

cherry bomb

As you might guess, I received lots of comments while cruising the course all day among tens of thousands of other people. Most of them were along the lines of “cool shorts” – especially from young kids. One dude asked me if I lost a bet, to which I replied “how did you know?“. Another guy asked me “when did you decide that you just don’t care?“. After a quick LOL, I told him “I don’t know exactly when, but perhaps it was when I was born“.

PGA Crew

Request For Fashion Help

April 21, 2012 8 comments

In a few hours, BD00 will be boarding a plane for sunny Melbourne FL to participate in “Golf Camp 2012“. As he did in 2010, BD00 would like to ask for your help in picking out his opening day outfit for a bogey free Sunday. Err, since BD00 plans to go shirtless to highlight his Hans-and-Franz guns, you can at least pick out the shorts part of the ensemble.

The figure below shows BD00’s paltry wardrobe selection back in 2010.

Of course, due to prudent stock picking, sold out speaking appearances, consulting fees, and master leveraging of massive tax loopholes, BD00 has been able to expand his links couture commensurate with the growth in his girth and enlargement of his ego. Thus, BD00 has added the following “design patterns” to his Kardashianesque wardrobe:

So, what’s it gonna be dear reader? Charlie? Pisces-dude? Lorraine? Bird? Mark? Other closet readers?

Golf Outfit

April 3, 2010 3 comments

For the past 15 or so years, I’ve been going on a yearly golf trip with a group of good friends. This year’s “golf camp 2010” starts next Saturday, 4/10/10. In preparation for the upcoming debacle, I e-mailed the group a picture of the top third of my planned opening day outfit:

I asked who wanted to be in my foursome and I received these two answers:

  • You look pretty”
  • “I would, but I heard that you had three others already.”

I’m having trouble deciding which shorts to wear. I was thinking “Hot Dog”, but “Disco Balls” seems to better match my hair style. What do you think?

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