Scrum Cheatsheets


The purpose of this page is to present an integrated set of Scrum “cheatsheets” that I derived for personal use from the definitive Sutherland/Schwaber Scrum Guide.

The cheatsheets are presented in the following sequence

  • Components
  • Framework
  • Roles
  • Artifacts
  • Events

As you can see, I used UML class diagrams to capture and communicate the essence of each cheatsheet. Hopefully, those who know Scrum but don’t know UML may still find the set of diagrams useful.

Depending on how well this page is received, I may add cheatsheets for the Sprint planning, review, and retrospective meetings.

Scrum Components Cheatsheet

SCRUM Components

Scrum Framework Cheatsheet

Scrum CD2

Scrum Roles Cheatsheet


Scrum Artifacts Cheatsheet

SCRUM Artifacts

Scrum Events Cheatsheet

SCRUM Events

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