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A Detour From All The Giddiness

April 15, 2021 Leave a comment

I feel the need to make a detour from all the giddiness in the Bitcoin community to broadcast an update on my physical condition. I’ve been waking up more and more with my Feet On Fire (FOF) right out of the gate. It’s concerning because FOF usually takes some time to manifest after I wake up. I’m convinced the Emperor likes to give me a false sense of security on each sunrise before the fucker pours on the gas and lights the match.

Elevated dizziness, right leg instability, and tinnitus always accompany the FOF blaze in lock step with each other. Of all these symptoms of an inflamed brain, FOF is always the worst because it’s painful instead of annoying. My attention is constantly being hijacked by the Emperor and redirected towards the pain in my feet on the worst of days. The bastid!

Even though my brain MRIs have shown no progression of existing tumors, nor no new tumors for 2+ years, the chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy in my feet and the tumor-induced numbness in my right leg have been inexplicably advancing. The neuropathy in my feet used to be localized to my toes and lower foot. Now it has advanced up past my ankles and into my calves. It feels like I have a pair of numbness Bombas socks on. Thankfully, the actual pain has stayed mostly near my toes, but the vibrational numbness has crept upwards like the vines on an elitist Ivy league school building.

The numbness in my right leg has been advancing upwards too. When it reached my hip I magically thought it would stop. Nope, it kept inching up and directly into my right ass cheek. The weird thing is that my ass cheek is now sore all of the time, not numb. It feels like someone punched me hard in the cheek.

I’m already on the max dose of gabapentin (600 mg X 3) my pain doctor is comfortable with, so the best way I found to fend off the pain on the really bad days is to start my cannabis regimen much earlier in the day and be prepared to take a second, 10 mg, dose later on. The best way I can describe how cannabis helps my condition is that the THC/CBD potion serves as a comforting buffer between the Emperor’s FOF inflicted pain and my feet. It mimics Dikembe “Not In My House” Mutumbo and temporarily blocks the Emperor from relentlessly redirecting my attention back to the pain in my tootsies. No one wants to think about their stinky feet all day! The flipside is that I have to be extra vigilant of not falling when standing/walking, especially on inclined surfaces.

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Dog Poop-Like Substance

August 25, 2020 Leave a comment

I try to walk, or more like, waddle, around the block every day. On those days when I feel too lightheaded, and/or my right leg feels like I’m dragging around a 200 lb cement post attached to my hip, and/or my feet feel like they’re on fire, I decide not to attempt the penguin march. I never thought I’d be saying this at my young age, but I don’t want to risk a fall and an associated trip to the dreaded, high cost, high latency, emergency room.

Since today was one of those no-waddle days, I decided to infuse some coconut oil with some cannabis flower. When I finished my wicked act of alchemy, I didn’t throw the plant residue away like I usually do. I had recently read somewhere that the leftover dog poop-like substance is still rich with cannabinoids.

As the pic below shows, the quick thinking innovator in me decided to stir the pile o’ poop into a big cup of coffee. After I finished the slightly-sandy, yet nutty-tasting, coffee, it occurred to me to write this post in real-time to capture the experience for all eternity. 🙂


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Inputs, Processing, Outputs

August 30, 2019 2 comments

Besides a handful of friends and family, I think this blog has three types of reader archetypes: engineers, cancer patients, and cannabis users. LOL. Since I personally fall into all three classifications, I’m going to try to experimentally mashup all three topics in this post and pray that it ends up being weirdly interesting in some way to each group. By that, I mean that if you make it to the end of this post you may end up shaking your head and thinking “this BD00 guy is fuckin’ nutz!“.



For The Software Engineers

In the pre-agile days of software development (before the exalted 2001 agile manifesto was written/signed), software functionality was defined and documented in “Software Requirements Specifications” (SRS). Defense contractors on large-dollar, socio-technical, projects were required to deliver a formal SRS document for each major Software Configuration Item (SCI) identified in the system to be developed.

Each SCI was decomposed into functions consisting of “Inputs, Processing, Outputs“.

For The Cannabis Users

Assuming that the “Desired Output” we require our system to produce is a stash of tasty cannabis infused brownies to alleviate pain and stress/anxiety, here’s the specific instantiation of the Inputs/Processing/Outputs string we require:

As you’ll notice, the list of Inputs/Processing/Outputs alone is insufficient for a “developer” (a.k.a. chef) to create the desired output. In order to prevent a guessing game and fucking everything up, the developer requires a chemistry-backed algorithm that scientifically transforms the inputs into the desired output using the processing equipment to facilitate the process.

To achieve that goal, BD00 is proud to present a textually annotated graphical model of his proprietary algorithm specifying the sequence of steps, timing, and control actions required to magically transform heavenly cannabis flower into deliciously effective pot brownies.


Note that the “developer” must do these 3 things in sequence to get to the holy grail:

  1. Place the cannabis buds in the decarb box and heat the box in the oven at 240 degrees for 40 minutes. This prep step allows the THC/CBD cannabinoids in the flower to be exposed and absorbed by the coconut oil fats more readily and efficiently than skipping the step.
  2. Combine the decarbed flower with the coconut oil in the herbal infuser and run the machine for 1 hour at 160 degrees. The temperature and timing settings ensure that most THC/CBD chemical products end up integrated with the oil molecules instead of being wasted in the “external environment“.
  3. After the cannabis oil is created, the remaining sub-steps to produce the desired output is a piece of cake. The developer simply follows the idiot-proof instructions printed on the brownie box.

Of course, less efficient but less costly approaches don’t require a kool decarb box ($40) or elegant herbal infuser ($130) to be used. YouTube has plenty of hilariously good videos on using mundane and readily available kitchen equipment to make the brownies.

For The Cancer Patients

This is by far the easiest section of the post to write….


Got any kestions folks?

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Profanity Plus Pot

August 20, 2019 2 comments

BD00 heartily endorses the “Profanity Plus Pot” approach to managing stage 4 cancer. The tactic is necessary, but sadly insufficient. To close the sufficiency loophole, we have to come back down to earth, bite the bullet, and engage with the world of surgery, chemo, and immunotherapy.

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Skirting The Zombie Threshold

August 5, 2019 3 comments

I used the following dorky pic in at least one post so far. My instinct tells me I’ll be using it as a “context enabler” for (hopefully) many future cancer posts…

Since I’m a newly minted medical marijuana program patient in the great state of NY, I’ve been trying to find just the right dosage of cannabis for me to effectively handle those pesky “pop up” peripheral neuropathy hot pain flashes, constant numbness in my lower extremities, and newly-acquired anxiety flare-ups. The trick is to handle those wonderful cancer complications while simultaneously remaining consciously functional on a deterministic basis.

Of course, since I was, ummmm, a moderate cannabis user when I was younger, I preferred to err on the side of over-medication. My motto back then was to gradually increase the dosage until I started: “Skirting The Zombie Threshold!“.

The pics below show examples of successful and unsuccessful dosing regimens. In the top pic, the transition from “pain” to “zombie” is quick and effective. The result is that the pain is kicked out of mind and the user lives happily in the present moment. She’s skirting the zombie threshold. Whoo Hoo!

The self-dosing attempt in the lower pic is an example of an abysmal failure. Since the zombie threshold is woefully unattained throughout the duration, thoughts of pain seize the day by holding the mind hostage to their incessant need for unfettered attention. I hate when that happens 😦


Actually, “Skirting The Zombie Threshold!” was never my motto. I just made that shite up on the fly because Eckhart Tolle told me to, and….. I’m the mighty BD00..


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