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Fiat WTF! Vs. Bitcoin W00t!

October 8, 2021 Leave a comment
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A Cancerous Bitcoin Wardrobe

September 30, 2021 Leave a comment

Checkout my new FUCK cancer wardrobe additions below. I might be buying a FUCK cancer hat in the necessarily near future, but not a FUCK cancer pillow or blanket.

My current, overarching goal is to replace all my existing 30 year old, vintage, clothes with bitcoin and FUCK cancer garb before the Emperor escorts me downstairs to my final destination.

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Bitcoin Decentralized Security And Ethereum Centralized Insecurity

September 16, 2021 Leave a comment

Does a picture really tell a thousand words? I hope so cuz I don’t have the will or energy to try and explain the meaning of this NFT monstrosity.

When I’m dead and gone, which, for the haters won’t take long, people across the globe will be saying “Do you have any BD00 NFTs?”

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The Bitcoin Decentralized House Of BDXX

September 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Bitcoin is like the Blob (and, as a selfish side note, cancer). To the abject horror of the banking elites who revel in keeping rich people rich and poor people poor, badass Bitcoin is slowly, but unapologetically, assimilating all things financial across the globe.

But wait! It’s worse than that. The Bitcoin ethos is infiltrating minds and bodies quicker than the otherworldly Body Snatchers (Donald Sutherland rules!).

As a concrete example of a gathering of humans who’ve been consumed by Bitcoin, I give you the Bitcoin Decentralized House Of BDXX:

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Books, Weed, And Bitcoin Swag

August 31, 2021 Leave a comment
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A Contrast In Crypto Governance

August 18, 2021 Leave a comment

Since the EOAM has been forcefully pushed to the back of the thought-line yet again, another much appreciated moment of lucidity in thought allowed me to concoct this monstrosity…

The Bitcoin protocol dynamically creates a new, virtualized form of “hard” money. The network protects Bitcoin token owners from sneaky central bank and/or governmental shenanigans. As evidenced by 12 years of relentless, round-the-clock operation, Bitcoin’s minimal functionality and layered design keep the network secure and minimize attack surfaces that can be exploited by nation state hackers. By design, it’s hard to change the Bitcoin source code because all the following events must occur to successfully develop and deploy any changes:

The developers have to agree on what functionality to add,

The miners have to agree to run the modified software,

The users have to continuously believe in the integrity of the protocol or else…

they will abandon Bitcoin for the old, rigged, fiat system or worse, a centralized shitcoin deceptively promoting itself as decentralized, or, equivalently, a DINO (Decentralized In Name Only). Whereas DINO shitcoins primarily exist to make the peeps at the top of their centralized pyramids rich, Bitcoin exists for one audacious reason: to give every person on earth an equal chance of participating in unobstructed commerce to help bootstrap themselves out of poverty.

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Stack Em Up

August 1, 2021 Leave a comment
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Bite Me

Having been diagnosed 5 years ago with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer, I occasionally feel compelled to revisit the odds I have of staying above ground in my ongoing fight to the end against the Emperor Of All Maladies. Thankfully, since each visit to the bookie of death brings on a wave of existential angst, I don’t do it often. But hey, like with all my other shitty habits, I can’t help myself.

And oh yeah, I’ve meticulously prepared my death bed for the last battle….

All I need now is a Bitcoin urn to hold my cooked bones and a ticket on Jeff Bezos’s rocket to the moon! Donations will be accepted at the bitcoin address on the home page.

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You’re Full Of Bullae And Blebs!

In prep for my upcoming tri-monthly scanxiety day, I re-reviewed my March chest/abdomen/pelvis CT scan report. I did it so I can once again fake being intelligent at the follow up with my oncologist. The “lungs” section of the report is presented below for your HIPAA reading pleasure.

I can’t believe I didn’t jump on the “Bullae And Blebs” terminology on my first go-around. Well, I’m not gonna pass up the chance now. There is no feckin’ way I’m NOT going to publish a post with “Bullae And Blebs” in the title before the emperor has the last laugh. So, here it is, this is the post.

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The Bitcoin Schizo Curve

When I bought some BTC in the fall of 2015 I was fully aware that I might lose my entire investment in the new, fledgling technology. Before I bought in I quickly discovered that there were several massive, eye-popping, price crashes prior to 2015. Nonetheless, the promise of a booming return coupled with a better future for millions, perhaps billions, of disenfranchised people across the globe led me down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. My intent was to be a long term HODLer but that was sort of derailed when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer the following year. 🙂

Since there have been 7 huge crashes between my original buy date and this week’s crash, I was not particularly crestfallen by the 50% Bitcoin price crash. You know how the saying goes: “been there, done that!”. I do sympathize, however, for the noobs who jumped into BTC near the $64K high just a few short weeks ago. It was simply bad luck in timing… but only in the short run. If you didn’t panic sell and get rekt, then just be patient and HODL your way through the current downturn. Set your sights on a bumpy 4 year HODL before thinking of selling any BTC for large purchases like a house, boat, education, car, etc.

As far as I know, no other asset class has ever gone from 0 to $1T in market capitalization as fast as the king of crypto. The tradeoff for this high growth rate has been the “V” word – volatility. The scary chart below clearly shows the Bitcoin schizophrenic price volatility endured by HODLers through the years.

All the hard core Bitcoiners I follow say that Bitcoin’s price volatility will decrease with time when the slope of the classic technology adoption “S” curve it’s following starts the flattening phase. I believe that too, but I was wrong in thinking that the softening had begun when institutional investors started buying Bitcoin last year. As you can tell from my hard science-derived graph below, Bitcoin has many more schizo gyrations to go before it settles into a boring, stable, financial asset.

To the gold bugs who think Bitcoin’s extreme volatility disqualify it as a store of value, have a looky here. Behold the extreme volatility of your beloved shiny rocks during the hyperinflation runup in Weimar Germany.

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