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Time To Crack Some Heads!

Whenever tragedy strikes, politicians tend to make a rush to judgment and propose or execute dumbass moves that make it appear like they’re doing something useful. Ebola scare? Ban travel to all! Immigration problem? Build a 1000 mile wall! Terrorist attack? Damn it, close the borders to all!

As long as politicians maintain their cozy relationship with the bankstas who finance their irresponsible deficit spending in return for bailouts waiting in the background, they’ll be on a constant vigil for excuses to inhibit the growth of Bitcoin. On the heels of the Paris attacks, the latest call for action is to “crackdown” on Bitcoin as a means for terrorist financing.

First of all, no one, no matter how powerful and well funded, can “crackdown” on Bitcoin – because there is no head to chop off. All that those who have much to lose when Bitcoin eats their lunch can do is pass laws that attempt to make it annoyingly difficult for fiat currency to get into and out of the bitcoin economy.

Second, and most important of all, is that Bitcoin is not even a major source of terrorist financing. As the following report, published just last month by the UK treasury for its politicians shows, the terrorist’s predominant financier is, as you might have guessed, your friendly banksta. You know, the one that charges a fee every time you sneeze and “invests” your hard earned cash in risky schemes at no risk to themselves.



Source: UK national risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing – UK_NRA_October_2015_final_web.pdf


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