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Ain’t Gonna Do It – Ever

Straight from the Bitcoin Core source code, which is written in C++ (of course!) and is observable for all the world to see (including federal reserve bankstas and other corrupt government fiat currency debasers), we have….


That’s it: no more than 21.0E14 “satoshis” will ever be minted in the Bitcoin world.

Well, you might smugly say, anybody could change the source code to jack up the “MAX_MONEY” and/or “COIN” compile-time constants and release the next update. Uh, yeah, but unless the thousands of BTC miners with peta-flops of hashing power invested in the bitcoin economy voluntarily choose to run the new “inflationary” code, tain’t gonna happen. And, since it would clearly be against their best interests to do so (because it is their money they’re dealing with and not “other people’s money” that they can leach off of) they ain’t gonna do it – ever.

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