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Scott Meyers On C++0x

From what I know (which is very little), it looks like the C++0x programming standard will finally be released to the world as C++0B this spring. As part of preparing for this release, I recently listened to an interview with “EffectiveScott Meyers on Software Engineering Radio.

In case you find yourself bored, and with an hour of free time on your hands, check out my audio + notes pencast recording of the interview on the Livescribe smart pen site: here. (Clicking on the pic below won’t start the pencast in-situ. I haven’t figured out how to embed pencasts into this blog yet).

The interview was an interesting mix of good technical information from Scott, triggered by great questions from the interviewer. Nevertheless, at several points during the interview, the interviewer seemed to interject sarcastic commentary that showed his disdain for the language. He obviously wasn’t/isn’t a C++ language fan, but he still did a great job with his questions. The interview never veered off into a “your language sux and my language rules” religious war and the interviewer’s snarky remarks kept the interview refreshing:

“Why doesn’t C++ have garbage collection? …… Because then there would be nothing left.”

In summary, Scott used his considerable teaching talent to clearly and concisely explain these key features of the “C++0B” standard:

  1. concurrency
  2. the “auto” keyword
  3. move semantics using rvalue references
  4. variadic templates
  5. lambda functions
  6. uniform initialization syntax
  7. tuples (or as the interviewer pronounced, “two-pulls” 🙂 )

If C++ is your programming language of choice and you haven’t followed the development of the new standard, now may be the time to start wading in? The Meyers interview, this excellent Wikipedia C++0x starter page, and Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++0x FAQ page  may help.

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