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Trustworthiness Metrics

Check out this hilarious blarticle from “Federal Computer Week“: Measuring federal employees’ moods to determine trustworthiness. If you don’t want to go there, I’ll cherry pick the parts that reinforce my UCB:

In the memo, national security officials ask agencies what metrics they use to measure trustworthiness without alienating employees. They also ask agencies if they use psychiatrists or sociologists to measure relative happiness or “despondence and grumpiness” as means to gauge an employee’s trustworthiness.

My question is: Do these rule-making, memo-writing “national security officials” eat their own dog food; practice what they preach? Do they “objectively” measure their own trustworthiness and “leakability“? I’d love to see an enumerated list of these officially sanctioned metrics.

Moving on, let’s see what the article says about the latest fading management buzzword, “engaged“:

…because now there’s more understanding about the importance of an engaged workforce.

WTF? Just now, and not waaay before now?

I’m sure that our government is going down the right path with the strategies they’re proposing for stopping future Wikileaks type fiascos. Our government SCOLs need to declare “a war on leaks” and appoint a “Leak Czar“. Wars and czars are sure-fire solutions that have worked before on terrorism, drugs, crime, and obesity, right? Maybe businesses should employ the “war” and “czar” metaphors too. Oops, they already do, but without publicly espousing it.

Does writing this post decrease my trustworthiness score? By how much? What’s your trustworthiness score?

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