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Sorry, but I couldn’t resist naming the title of this post as it is written. However, despite what you may have thought on first glance, BS stands for dee man, Bjarne Stroustrup. In chapter 23 of “The C++ Programming Language“, Bjarne offers up this advice regarding the art of mid-level design:

To find out the details of executing each iterative step in the while(not_done){} loop, go buy the book. If C++ is your primary programming language and you don’t have the freakin’ book, then shame on you.

Bjarne makes a really good point when he states that his unit of composition is a “component”. He defines a component as a cluster of classes that are cohesively and logically related in some way.

A class should ideally map directly into a problem domain concept, and concepts (like people) rarely exist in isolation. Unless it’s a really low level concrete concept on the order of a built in type like “int”, a class will be an integral player in a mini system of dynamically collaborating concepts. Thinking myopically while designing and writing classes (in any language that directly supports object oriented design) can lead to big, piggy classes and unnecessary dependencies when other classes are conceived and added to the kludge under construction – sort of like managers designing an org to serve themselves instead of the greater community. 🙂

The figure below shows “revision 0” of a mini system of abstract classes that I’m designing and writing on my current project. The names of the classes have been elided so that I don’t get fired for publicly disclosing company secrets. I’ve been architecting and designing software like this from the time I finally made the painful but worthwhile switchover to C++ from C.

The class diagram is the result of “unconsciously” applying step one of Bjarne’s component design process. When I read Bjarne’s sage advice it immediately struck a chord within me because I’ve been operating this way for years without having been privy to his wisdom. That’s why I wrote this blowst – to share my joy at discovering that I may actually be doing something right for a change.

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