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Patience Grasshoppa, Patience

It won’t arrive for awhile, but it’s on its way: the C++11 rendition of Bjarne Stroustrup‘s “The C++ Programming Language“.

In case you didn’t already know, the C++11 editions of these tomes are already available for your consumption:

But of course, you did already did know this. There are gifted copies of each of these references on your and your colleague’s desks because your company cares about you, your productivity growth, and continuously enhancing the quality of its revenue-generating product portfolio. That’s why it obsesses over little, but simultaneously huge, things like this for you, its products, and its future well being. It’s a quiet, low-key, low-cost, win-win-win situation that makes you feel warm and fuzzy each day you walk in the door to joyfully add your contribution to the whole.

And puh-leeze, no comments from the hip and cool Ruby, Python, Java, Go, Scala, C#, etc, peanut galleries. On this bogus blawg, only pope BD00 is approved to promote or trash other programming languages, ideas, groups, concepts, institutions, traditions. Well, you get the idea.

Note: I created the above image at says-it.com. It’s a wonderful site, so hop on over there and give it a whirl.

  1. November 28, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Looking at boost since last decade, and now faced with C++11 : we found ourselves at a cross-road again. After fierce struggle with these two, we could see boost++ springing out in a new shape for ourselves. And, we decided to open this experience of ongoing journey as it is : first in the form of books at least.
    And, we do not wanna compromise with the mathematical foundational aspect for a pragmatic programmer, but we didn’t intend to re-invent and/or get overwhelmed either.

    So, we started writing books on “Using and Extending C++11, Boost and Beyond” at http://www.algocoders.com/

    The very first book will be out soon(ETA : Dec 2012) :

    Foundation of Algorithms in C++11, Volume 1
    Using and Extending C++11, Boost and Beyond

    • November 28, 2012 at 1:25 pm

      Nice site! Hurry up and write/release those books.

  2. January 16, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Foundation of Algorithms in C++11, Volume 1(Revised Edition): Using and Extending C++11, Boost And Beyond is available now at amazon:

    Table of Contents : algocoders.com/sites/default/files/toc_foa_revised.pdf
    Sample Chapter : algocoders.com/sites/default/files/chapter1_foa_revised.pdf

    From the Back Cover

    This book is vital to understand and extend the C++11 Algorithms by carefully worked out synthesis of language and library features with an eye at future evolution with special emphasis to :

    Template Alias
    std::enable_if : SFINAE
    Private Cast
    Type Functions
    Type Traits
    Explicit Template Instantiations and Specializations
    Trailing Return Type
    auto type specifier
    Intermediate Traits Idiom
    Value Type Deduction Framework

    Book Description
    Publication Date: January 13, 2013
    Revised Edition


    This book or booklet is an attempt to voice our understanding of foundation of algorithms newly introduced in C++11 from programmers’ perspective who wish to keep themselves abreast with latest advent in C++ and beyond, but quite often than less, find themselves amidst a myriad of disconnecting information, simply due to sheer size of tremendous information available at hands reach, leading to a vast array of tips n techniques. Nonetheless, when it comes to applying same to their day-to-day problems, they end up struggling a lot to find the apt one.

    This is the very first of this series which is out as promised above! We have adopted a top-down approach to instil our notes in a cohesive manner.

    The style is pedagogical : we took an algorithm, newly introduced in C++11, looked at its usage, patterns, limitations, corner-cases, preconditions, post-conditions, constraints etc. while keeping a close eye on the interface, its possible evolution in ongoing works like the Origin C++ Libraries by Andrew Sutton, Contract++, A Concept Design of the STL by Bjarne Stroustrup et al. and other efforts to port boost libraries to C++11 as well as works at libcxx and libstdc++ with focus on C++11.

    We tried to present a coherent approach to address the needs of programmers like us, who are keenly interested to apply these at work, with little or less risk, without indulging deep into the internals of intermediate evolution.

    Table of Contents : algocoders.com/sites/default/files/toc_foa_revised.pdf
    Sample Chapter : algocoders.com/sites/default/files/chapter1_foa_revised.pdf

    About the Author
    Chandrashekhar Kumar holds a degree in Integrated M.Sc.(5 yrs) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He has been programming in C++ since last 13 years with companies like Trilogy and Facebook. He loves to hack gcc, gdb, valgrind, clang, boost, TeX and pours inside the works of Knuth.

    Aditya Kant Sharma holds a B.Tech. degree from MITS-G. He has been programming in C++ since last 8 years with companies like Honeywell and Sapient. He loves to dive inside the internals of C++, Templates hijacking, STL, Boost, Loki, Design Patterns, LaTeX. He is reviving the bandagaon of spearheading ruminations on C++11 and beyond.

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