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What A Deal!

Do you know those dorky self-promotional license plate holders that car dealers attach to your sparkling new vehicle before you drive it off the lot? Well, the Gold’s gym that I religiously go to has had a stack of them publicly available  for sale over the past couple of months. When I first saw them next to the other items for sale, I said to myself:

“WTF? Do the clueless BMs in charge of this place really expect to sell any of those stupid, self-serving contraptions? Hell, even if they offered to pay gym members to take them, they’d still gather dust and waste shelf space until someone in the corpo chain of elites finally took responsibility and owned up to the grumpy they pinched in public.”

About a week ago, management placed the stack of crap right on the check-in counter with a sign that proudly displayed a massive reduction in price from $5 to 1$. What a deal, no?

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I asked my fellow DIC manning the counter if her management really thought they’d be able to sell those abominations. She said she didn’t know and that she personally hadn’t sold a single one over the time they’d been placed on the market. Surprise!

I left the gym that day suggesting that she tell her bosses that a customer said that they should concentrate more on continuously satisfying their customers instead of thinking of them as moronic walking wallets. As an example of customer satisfaction, I told her to ask “them” if they could refill the woefully deflated balance balls every once in awhile. I even suggested (and it wasn’t the first time) that if they put a pump near the ball rack, I’d fill them occasionally and maybe other users would too. Knowing the typical BM mindset, they probably auto-rejected the idea because they’d be afraid that their “customers” would steal the pump.

How much would you pay for my license plate holder?

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