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Weakly Status Ritual

Everyone knows about the “weakly” status reporting ritual. It’s where the DICs (Dweebs In The Cellar) fill out and submit written status reports to the manager in charge (sic).

DIC Status

Did you ever wonder why status reporting is a one way street and it’s unquestioningly accepted as the norm in corpocracies everywhere? Whatever happened to “lead by example”? Why don’t  managers fill out their very own weakly status reports and distribute them to their captive DICS? It’s because they don’t contribute or accomplish anything other than stapling the DIC reports together and kicking the result upstairs to the NLM (Next Level Manager) – who promptly ignores the POP (Package Of Poop) too. Side note: that’s where the term “POP server” originated.

If managers were required to submit weakly status reports to the DIC-force, what would they look like?

Mgr Status

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  1. Ray
    October 29, 2009 at 6:55 am

    How true. I worked for a manager who decided to “empower” his people by having a rotating person take all of the his/hers co-worker weekly status and summarize them. The summary was was then sent on to manager. I don’t know if he actually read all the summaries or just pasted them on. I do know after awhile several “interesting” statuses were buried in the report and there were no comments about it.

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