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After reviewing most of the “made up” BS entries that I’ve hoisted on this blog, I’ve noticed (like you, no doubt) that just about every other post either starts out as, or progresses towards, a rant against standard Command and Control Hierarchical (CCH) corpocracies and horrendous managers who delude themselves into thinking they are “leaders”. It’s funny how all freakin’ roads lead to Rome, no?

To set the record straight, I honestly don’t think that all hierarchically structured organizations are soulless and spirit crushing CCHs. One of those companies happens to be the company that I work for; the Sensis Corporation.

Sensis Logo

I’ve been at Sensis for a long time, and despite what you may have concluded from reading this blog (all 2 of you), I really do like working there. For the most part, I’m given more freedom than most to do what I do best and the list of pluses far outnumbers the list of minuses. Besides matching the standard benefits package that most other companies give their workforce, here are some of the uncommon plusses:

  • A CEO that genuinely cares about the people who work for him
  • Subsidized in-house cafeteria
  • Subsidized in-house gym facility
  • No special executive parking spaces
  • Special, named parking places for individual handicapped people
  • Company-wide profit sharing when yearly sales & profit numbers are met
  • Occasional company-wide barbeques
  • Quarterly disclosure of the numbers to the troops
  • In-house happy hours for significant achievements
  • Free lunches at all-hands meetings
  • Vacation rollover
  • Free coffee
  • Summer Hours (Friday afternoons off)

The two biggest pluses for me are:

  1. No layoffs in the entire 24 year history of the company’s existence and a policy that explicitly states that “no layoffs” is a top goal.
  2. I haven’t been fired (whoo hoo!) despite multiple exhibitions over the years of truly disrespectful behavior toward a handful of targeted “others”.

The minuses of working at Sensis are typical of any company in our industry (military and aerospace); they’re just not practiced as badly as our bigger and more stodgy peers.

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