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A Bunch Of STIFs

January 28, 2012 4 comments

Grady Booch states that good software architectures evolve incrementally via a progressive sequence of STable Intermediat Forms (STIFs). At each point of equilibrium, the “released” STIF is exercised by an independent group of external customers and/or internal testers. Defects, unneeded functionality, missing functionality, and unmet “ilities” are ferreted out and corrected early and often.

The alternative to a series of STIFs is the ubiquitous, one-shot, Unstable Fuming Fiasco (UFF):

Note: After I converted this draft post into a publishable one and queued it up, I experienced a sense of deja-vu. As a consequence, I searched back through my draft (91) and published (987) post lists. I found this one. D’oh! and LOL! I’m sure I’ve repeated myself many times during my blogging “career“, but hey, a steady drumbeat is more effective than a single cymbal crash. No?

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