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Responsibilities And Compensation

October 14, 2010 2 comments

If you’re in the blue box, better shoot for the yellow box ASAP and start accumulating titles (to post on before your compensation curve flattens. Since there are fewer multividual contributors in an org pyramid, by auto-assumption they must be more valuable and deserving, right? Of course, the graphic below is an extreme exaggeration, but how far off the mark do you really think it is?

In Defense Of Incompetence.

When a government contractor is exposed as incompetent by an external observer (e.g. the press or a civilian group), the government agency that hired them almost always comes to its defense. That shouldn’t be surprising to you because those bureaucratic, and thus, mindless agencies:

  • Will do anything to avoid looking incompetent in front of congress for hiring the nin-cum-poops
  • Spend other people’s money (yours and mine) instead of their own – and we’re not talkin pocket change here

In addition, the “esteemed” government watchdog agencies (e.g. SEC and FDA and EPA) responsible for ensuring that contractors don’t perpetuate gargantuan disasters make up all kinds of excuses for not detecting the incompetence before massive stakeholder damage has been manifest (lost money, lost lives, lost livelihoods). They do this, of course, because these dudes don’t want to look incompetently asleep at the wheel either.

The system sux and the exhibited behavior is encrusted in its hierarchical, silo+caste system structure that crushes individual conscience. Expect this behavior to go on and on since complexity and the intertwining of interests and agendas will no doubt keep increasing as the world’s population increases. After all, if we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.

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