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Underlying Assumptions

November 27, 2012 3 comments

The underlying assumptions harbored by executive decision-makers drive an org’s processes/policies. And those processes/policies influence an org’s social and financial performance. As a rule, assumptions based on Theory X thinking lead to mediocre performance and those based on Theory Y lead to stellar performance. Most org processes/policies (e.g. the annual “objective” performance appraisal ritual) are Theory X based constrictions cloaked in Theory Y rhetoric – regardless of what is espoused.

Self Made Myth

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Western societies, especially the good ole USA, revere the myth of the “self-made” man. Even though many people might consider some of my greatest influencers; Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Hugh MacLeod, and Scott Berkun self-made men, all of them depend on what Godin defines as “tribes” for their livelihood. And they’ll all humbly admit it – which is why I’m a fan.

I recently listened to Leo interview Seth on the subject of tribe-building for writers. Here are some tidbits of sage advice served up by Mr. Godin:

  • Don’t get upset by the fact that you don’t have a vision and can’t tell what’s coming next.
  • The core of any worthwhile, enduring business is not about maximizing profit.
  • You’ve got to embrace a willingness to fail.
  • Get that voice out of your head so you can do your best work. (D’oh!)
  • Don’t write for strangers – you don’t need a huge “tribe“, and thus, you don’t have to dilute your message.
  • Forget about writing “how to” books anymore. People just look it up online.
  • People hate reading, so keep it short.

The first four bullets are not just applicable to aspiring writers, no?


December 4, 2011 Leave a comment

On the top left, we have a recent Hugh MacCleod cartoon. On the top right, we have the cover of Seth Godin’s book, “We’re all Weird“. On the bottom center, we have the 10 core values. Do ya think these people are onto something?

Where are you on this scale?

12/05/11 UPDATE

One courageous reader sent me a pic with his position on the scale:

Any other takers?

Transparent And Unpretentious

“A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to.” – Granville Hicks

While reading Hugh MacLeod’sEvil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination“, this passage rang my bell:

As the number of daily hits on this blog has grown from a paltry 5 to a massive 10+ people per day (LOL!), I’m finding that I’m asking myself these kinds of questions more often:

  • “Should I write about this?”,
  • “Should I say that?”,
  • “What if this comes back to haunt me?”,
  • “Should I take the sting out of the words?”
  • “Should I renounce the usage of my stereotype acronyms?”
  • “Am I pissing off everybody who stops by?”

At the end of each of these internal mini-battles, in most cases I come to my senses and say: “Suck it up you wuss and keep blabbing away. What if Darwin, Galileo, Jesus, etc, kept their traps shut out of fear?“. Hell, I don’t have any delusions about changing the world like those dudes – but I would if I had the source code (and it was written in C++).

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” – Bill Cosby

“I don’t know the key to success, but another key to failure is trying to piss everybody off.” – Bulldozer00

I Wuv What I Do

In the splendid “Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination“, Hugh MacLeod asks us to “unify work and love“. His reasoning is sound:

“After family and friends, what else is there?” – Hugh MacLeod

Because I’m lucky to love what I do, I feel like I’ve been blessed. How about you?

Are you feelin’ lucky today, punk? – Dirty Harry

The Sociopaths, The Clueless, And The Losers

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

So, you’ve never heard of the “gaping void”? Hugh MacLeod? “Ignore Everybody“? Here’s a taste of Hugh’s work:

Of course, I fall into Hugh’s “Losers” category, but considering the alternatives I feel pretty good.

For you fellow software weenies, here’s what Grady Booch (in Masterminds Of Programming) has to say:

There’s a delightful site called Gaping Void. He’s basically a PR-type person and his claim to fame is he does art on the back of business cards. But he has this riff which has been very popular about how to be creative. You might point your readers to that one.

Uh, what are you waiting for? Scurry on over to Hugh’s site and sign up for his daily cartoon. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll feed your famished mind with some tasty food. Yum yum!

Some Of My Heroes

September 29, 2009 3 comments

“We’re just two wild and crazy guys” – Yortuk and Georg Festrunk

Wild And Crazy Guys

Unlike the quote above, Joe Walsh’s “I’m just an ordinary average guy” fits me to a tee. In spite of this, I’d like to think that I’m open to new ideas and thinking. At the moment, here are some of my favorite, inspirational, weird, and forward looking (but pragmatic) thinkers:

Check out what one or more of these whack jobs have to say if  you’re yearning to explore and discover new opportunities that may crack the  concrete in your brain and challenge your same-old, same-old mental models of the world. If you think there is an “edge” to my blarticle posting style, then you should give all the credit to those dudes.

Who are your favorite thinkers, visionaries, and potential status-quo busters? What, you don’t have any? Why not?

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