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It’s Hammer Time!

June 26, 2013 1 comment

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The title of this post should have been “It’s Hammurabi Time!”,  but it’s not as catchy as “It’s Hammer Time!“.

King Hammurabi lived over 2000 years ago and he was perhaps the first staunch  “eye for an eye” dude:


Too bad we don’t have a slightly less Draconian, modern day version of Hammurabi’s creed that applies to Wall St. bankers (who take bailout money), crooked politicians (who get re-elected), and self-serving executives (who get unconditional exit bonuses). Many of these dudes do massive harm to their constituents without having to account for their actions.

Actually, we do have laws that attempt to ensure justice is served, but we also have expensive lawyers who ensure that the rich and powerful can play the game without any skin in it.

How do I get to become a member of the “All Upside and No Downside” club?

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