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Courageous Journey

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s a dare fer ya:

If your org has a long, illustrious history of product development and you’re just getting started on a new, grand effort that will conquer the world and catapult you and your clan to fame and fortune, ask around for the post-mortem artifacts documenting those past successes.

If by some divine intervention, you actually do discover a stash of post-mortems stored on the 360 KB, 3.5 inch floppy disk that comprises your org’s persistent memory, your next death-defying task is to secure access to the booty.

If by a second act of gawd you’re allowed to access the “data“, then pour through the gobbledygook and look for any non-bogus recommendations for future improvement that may be useful to your impending disaster, err, I mean, project. Finally, ask around to discover if any vaunted org processes/procedures/practices were changed as a result of the “lessons learned” from innocently made bad decisions, mistakes, and errors.

But wait, you’re not 100% done! If you do survive the suicide mission with your bowels in place and title intact, you must report your findings back here. To celebrate your courageous journey through Jurassic Park, there may be a free BD00 T-shirt in the offing. Making stuff up is unacceptable – BD00 requires verifiable data and three confirmatory references. Only BD00 is “approved” to concoct crap, both literally and visually, on this dumbass and reputation-busting blawg.

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