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Cheers Charlie!

December 25, 2014 4 comments

Charlie Alfred is a highly intelligent and eloquent writer on the topic of software architecture. He is the first (and still, only) internet friend that I’ve met in real life; face-to-face. We hooked up for lunch to shoot the shit twice when he was visiting a client of his located in my neighborhood.

Charlie is the second person to affirm my deeply held belief that “context is king” in software architecture. He also taught me about the concept of “the architecture of the problem“. But like all good relationships, ours isn’t all about mushy love, kisses, and total agreement. Charlie often provides valuable counter-intelligence to my blustery blogging BS that causes me to step back, reconsider, and often soften my beliefs.

Since my friend Charlie hasn’t been feeling well lately and I haven’t interacted with him in a while, I’d like to wish Charlie and his family a very special, very merry, Christmas.

Charlie Alfred

A heartfelt thanks to Ruth Malan for suggesting the idea of this post.

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