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Metal, Not Paper

April 5, 2015 2 comments

Ooh, ooh! BD00 just whispered an idea into my wax-filled ear. The nasty creature said: “Instead of a dull piece of paper, agile certification bodies should present their graduates with a shiny new medal. They can jack up the course fee to cover the price difference.

Brilliant! Graduates would be able to strut around the open air office wearing their hard won bling on their chests. A gaggle of medals on the chest would nicely complement a $20K gold iWatch on the wrist and separate the winners from the losers.

medals not paper

But alas, never listen to what BD00, and I, as his sanctioned branding consultant, have to say. Never forget that….

Einstein Make Shit Up

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Milk Those Suckers!

Lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate…

Milk Those Suckers

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