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Another Toothpick

A while back, I mustered up enough courage to ask my oncologist how a typical cancer patient of his dies. After a compassionate pause, he thoughtfully answered my question in terms of an input/output problem. Basically, he said that when a patient’s caloric input becomes insufficient (for whatever deadly reason) to produce enough (output) nourishment for the bones, tissues, muscles, and organs that manifest the functionality of all our bodily functions, the end is not too far off. 😦

My onc’s response instantly reminded me of the Soprano’s season 3 episode titled “Another Toothpick“. In that episode, after scumbag Tony Soprano’s dirtbag uncle Junior was freshly diagnosed with stomach cancer, Janus, Tony’s skank sister, commented that Livia, Tony’s deceased, psychotic mother, often described a person who was dying from cancer as just “another toothpick.” Phew, did I get all the dysfunctional familial relationships right?

Currently, I weigh about 210 pounds. My pre-cancer baseline weight was a steady, 220 pounds of sculpted beefcake. Due to treatments, I’ve bounced around between 225 and 200 pounds. So, what would I look like if I morphed into just another toothpick? Hmm…

I need to think of another scary question to ask my onc. Maybe the answer he gives can serve as fodder for another blog post like this. Got any ideas?

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  1. craig
    July 13, 2020 at 9:52 am

    Glad to hear you are not wearing the dirt suit … I survived Squamous Cell Carcinoma > 20y ago then survived a Heart Attack … all we can do is try to is our best. Keep pushing forward and put life in your years. just a fellow EE/CS, stay strong!

    • July 13, 2020 at 10:24 am

      Wow! You’ve been through the ringer too! Glad you’ve won those tough battles bruh. Thanks for sharing. Ed W. has got us both beat. He’s been fighting hard since February. I love “put life in your years”. Brilliant! My goal at this point is to outlive the fucking virus. 🦠

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