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How Many Types Do You Have?

Here are all of my healthcare provider types:

  1. Oncologist
  2. Neurosurgeon
  3. Stroke neurologist
  4. Radiologist
  5. Pain management physician
  6. Psychiatric nurse
  7. Primary care physician

Please reference the bogus system diagram below while reading the next inane paragraph.

Being a C++ coder, I could design and code up a farcical class of attributes and behaviors for each healthcare provider type. I can then wire them together into a structured “cancer system” explicitly designed to protect the patient (ME!) from the EOAM. I can then write a simulator and run all kinds of hypothetical scenarios on the system. Who knows, with a set of tweaks to the static system structure and dynamic class behaviors, I’ll find a way to permanently silence the crab-man on one of my Monte Carlo simulation runs.

I remember the good ole days when I needed only one healthcare provider type – a primary care doctor. How many types do you require?

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