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Gabba Gabba Hey!

I’ve tried Cymbalta and acupuncture to extinguish the fire in my feet caused by chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy.

I ditched the Cymbalta after taking it for 4 days and getting no relief. I’ve also undergone 6 acupuncture treatments so far with no bottom-line results. I’m still going to continue the acupuncture treatments for a while at $120 per pop because it feels good even though I’ve got a bunch of needles stuck in me by Dr. Wang for an hour. One of my dear friends jokingly said I liked it because I was being “poked by a wang“. Damn, I wish I came up with that!

My latest attempt at managing the heat is to take the anti-seizure drug Gabapentin (a.k.a. Neurontin). Lo and behold, it fuckin’ WORKS for me. Yay! It takes the heat away but it doesn’t take the numbness away and it doesn’t help the weakness in my right leg. But hey, I can handle those much better than pain.

Whenever I hear or think about the word “Gabapentin“, for some strange, free-association, reason it reminds me of the beloved punk rockers “The Ramones“. LOL.

Tommy Ramone, the last remaining original member of the Ramones, died of cancer at the age of 62.  Damn, that sux. RIP, Ramones.

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