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The Clanthink Theme

The Think Types

Groupthink = Everyone believes in the idea/concept, but tantalizingly, it could be either wrong or right. If the group is wrong and all of the the individuals outside of the groupthink circle of membership remain steadfastly silent out of fear of persecution, then the group, and those that that they lead, all suffer.

Spreadthink = Everyone in the group places a different level of importance and meaning on the idea/concept.

Clanthink = Everyone in the group believes in the idea/concept, but it’s outright wrong. Those outside of the group that don’t believe the idea/concept are ostracized, tortured, killed……. or all of the above.

The Clanthink Theme

Blockstream Inc. + Key Bitcoin Core Software Development Team Contributors: High transaction fees, long confirmation times, and network congestion due to chronically full blocks are good for Bitcoin.

The Statements


The References

Quote reference: What Is Bitcoin?

Blockstream Affiliation reference table: Meet The Team

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