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The 1200 Mile Flex

I am, and always have been, a gadget man. I own an iPhone 5, a Kindle Fire HD, a Livescribe Echo pen, and a Fitbit Flex. Since I purchased it in the spring of 2013, my favorite device has been the Fitbit Flex. That delightful gadget is effortless to use and has a well thought out, seamlessly integrated web/phone/device system.

My Flex has helped me shed close to 10 pounds of flab because:

  • I now park farther away from driving destinations,
  • I’ve tacked 10 minutes of treadmill time on to my regular workout
  • I frequently scurry off for quick, 10 minute walks at work and home

Recently, I received my first annual report from Fitbit.com:

12K Miles

1200+ miles in less than one year! Sheesh, I never woulda thunk it.

Oh, and even though my friends often hassle me about my utter lack of fashion style, I’ve happily collected every color band currently available for the Flex.

Fitbit Colors

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