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Shortcutting The Shortcut

BD00 has heard from several sources that it takes about 10 years for a winning technology to make it into the mainstream. After starting off with a slow uptake due to fear and uncertainty, the floodgates open up and everybody starts leveraging the technology to make more money and greater products.

Mass Adoption

This 10 year rule of thumb surely applies to the “agile” movement, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. But as the new book below shows, the frenzy can get laughably outta control.

Scrum Shortcuts

Not to rag too much on Mr. Goldstein, but sheesh. As if Scrum is not “fast” enough already? Now we’re patronizingly told that we need “intelligent” shortcuts to make it even faster. Plus, we idiots need to learn what these shortcuts are and how to apply them in a “step-by-step” fashion from a credentialed sage-on-a-stage. Hey, we must be idjets cuz, despite the beautiful simplicity of Scrum, Mr. Goldstein implies that we keep screwing up its execution.

As usual, BD00 hasn’t read the ground breaking new book. And he has no plan to read it. And he has no plan to stop writing about topics he hasn’t researched “deeply“. Thus, keep reminding yourself that:

Einstein Make Shit Up

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