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The History Of Man

The particulars of each discontinuity may be different, but regardless of which “ism” rules the roost at any given time, the sawtooth pattern is the same at the macroscopic level:

When the ratio of “have-nots” to “haves” in a stable society exceeds an unknown threshold, instability and revolution are sure to follow; it’s just a matter of when. The old order is jettisoned, and the new order, sincerely but falsely promising equity for all, is lovingly embraced by the “have-nots“. The ratio then abruptly decreases because the “haves” are forcefully transformed into the new “have-nots” (usually violently) by the previous crop of “have-nots“…. whose leaders instantly become the new “haves“. And then….. the ratio starts increasing…. yet again.

I guess this is why many people assert that history repeats itself, and lessons, if ever learned, are eventually and conveniently forgotten.

And hey, you’re welcome for the depressing post. But wait… here’s an upbeat closer that (hopefully) makes up for the downer:

Jokes are often offensive. If you get offended, the problem is solidly at your end. – Linus Torvalds

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