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Nickels And Dimes

In mediocre 20th century orgs, some ambitious managers are always trying to get something out of their DICs for nothing so that their personal project performance metrics “look good” to the chieftains in the head shed. Nickle and diming “human resources” by:

  • calling pre-work, lunchtime, or post-work meetings,
  • texting for status on nights/weekends,
  • adding work in the middle of a project without extending schedule or budget,
  • expecting sustained, long term overtime without offering to pay for it,
  • not acknowledging overtime hours,
  • stopping” by often to see “how you’re doing” without asking if they can help

does not go unnoticed. Well, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the supposed dumbos in the DICforce, but it does conveniently go unnoticed and unquestioned by the dudes in the head shed.

What other “nickel and dime practices” for getting something for nothing can you conjure up?

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  1. penny for your thoughts fish
    May 28, 2012 at 8:11 am

    how about not supplying items or materials that are required to start or complete a project, and then expecting the DIC’s to expend their own time, money, and vehicle to locate, purchase and bring back those materials…with no mechanism of immediate compensation.

  2. Elisabeth
    May 29, 2012 at 5:49 am

    “taking full responsibility” for known risks (e.g. known load problems that are not fixed because of lack of time/budget) when in fact a lot of other people have to work overtime for emergency fixing

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