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Performance Per Watt

Recently, I concocted a blog post on Herb Sutter‘s assertion that native languages are making a comeback due to power costs usurping programming labor costs as the dominant financial drain in software development. It seems that the writer of this InforWorld post seems to agree:

But now that Intel has decided to focus on performance per watt, as opposed to pure computational performance, it’s a very different ball game. – Bill Snyder

Since hardware developers like Intel have shifted their development focus towards performance per watt, do you think software development orgs will follow by shifting from managed languages (where the minimization of labor costs is king) to native languages (where the minimization of CPU and memory usage is king)?

Hell, I heard Facebook chief research scientist Andrei Alexandrescu (admittedly a native language advocate (C++ and D)) mention the never-used-before “users per watt” metric in a recent interview. So, maybe some companies are already onboard with this “paradigm shift“?

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