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Behavior Compression

I’m gonna be an “absolutist” in today’s post. I’m gonna use the word “all” instead of “most“.

In all man-made orgs, as one ascends the hierarchy, the range of behaviors exhibited by members of a given level is compressed relative to the level below it:

So, why is this? It’s because org members unconsciously understand that as one’s stature rises via anointed promotion, an unseen pressure to project an image of infallibility increases. In order to be perceived as perfectly omniscient and omnipotent, behaviors that can be interpreted as less than impeccably pristine by the population below must be jettisoned. So, why is this? Well, it’s just… because BD00 said so.

The sad thing about this system behavior is that it takes a lot of energy and work to shed deviant behaviors and exude a false image of perfection. Instead of asking “Do you have what it takes to get to the top?“, maybe the question that should be asked is “Do you have what it doesn’t take to get to the top?“.

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