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Constrained Evolution

In general, I’m not a fan of committee “output“. However, I do appreciate the work of the C++ ISO committee. In “Evolving a language in and for the real world”, Bjarne Stroustrup articulates the constraints under which the C++ committee operates:

Bjarne goes on to describe how, if the committee operated with reckless disregard for the past, C++ would fade into obscurity (some would argue that it already has):

Personally, I like the fact that the evolution of C++ (slow as it is) is guided by a group of volunteers in a non-profit organization. Unlike for-profit Oracle, which controls Java through the veil of the “Java Community Process“, and for-profit Microsoft, which controls the .Net family of languages, I can be sure that the ISO C++ committee is working in the interest of the C++ user base. Language governance for the people, by the people. What a concept.

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