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Tell Me About The Failures

As the world’s rising population becomes more and more dependent on software to preserve and enhance quality of life, efficiently solving software development problems has become big business. Thus, from the myriad of “agile” flavors to PSP/TSP, there are all kinds of light and heavyweight techniques, methods, and processes available to choose from.

Of course, the people who acquire fame and fortune selling these development process “solutions” seem to only publicize success stories. In each book, case study, lecture, or general article they create to promote their solution, they always cite one or two concrete examples of wild success that “validate” their assertions.

Besides the success stories, I, as a potential consumer of their product, want to hear about the failures. No large scale software development system is perfect and there are always failures, no? But why don’t the promoters expose the failures and the improvements made as a result of the lessons learned from those failures? Humbly providing this information could serve as a competitive differentiator, couldn’t it?

The difference between a methodologist and a terrorist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist – Martin Fowler

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