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Idiomatic Idiot

Programming idioms are the language-specific, more concrete equivalent of design patterns. I remember watching a video interview with C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup in which he recommended that programmers learn how to program idiomatically in 5, yes 5, different languages. WTF? I’ve been working in C++ for years now and it seemed like forever before I could comfortably program this way. There’s at least one whole book out there that teaches idiomatic programming in C++. Sheesh!

I think that to remain idiomatically competent in a language, one has got to work in the language almost daily for a long, sustained period of time. How can one do this with 5 languages? Maybe it’s just me – I am an Idiomatic Idiot.

How many languages could you confidently say you know how to program idiomatically in?

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