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Via this Bill Gates tweet;

I discovered the Khan Academy. The breadth and depth of knowledge that Sal Khan has acquired and freely shares is astonishing and awe inspiring. Mr. Khan creates blackboard based videos in which he gently derives and explains the topic at hand. In real-time, Sal explains his thinking and makes/corrects mistakes on the way to the successful transmission of knowledge, understanding, and insight. I’ve watched several of Sal’s physics and math videos and I’m grateful for his selfless and passionate contribution to the world.

I’d love to create something on the scale of a Khan academy (would you?). Alas, all I need to do is develop a hard-to-copy product that someone actually wants and a strategy for selling it. D’oh! To the chagrin of the institutional world, the low cost tools of production and no-cost means of getting word out have been here for at least a decade, but it is only being slooowly recognized as the ultimate business infrastructure.

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