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Be Humble

Zappos.com’s core value number 10 is: “Be Humble“.  According to CEO Tony Hsieh via his book Delivering Happiness (DH), the “Be Humble” core value has probably had the most impact on hiring decisions at Zappos.com.

There are a lot of experienced, smart, and talented people we interview that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line. But a lot of them are also egotistical, so we end up not hiring them. At most companies, the hiring manager would probably argue that we should hire such a candidate because he or she will add a lot of value to the company, which is probably why most large corporations don’t have great cultures.

So, how can you weed out the BOOGLs, CGHs, CBMs, SCOLs, and determine whether a candidate fits well with your culture? Zappos.com requires each candidate-for-hire to go through two sets of interviews: one with the hiring group to evaluate skills fit, and the other with the Human Resources (HR) group to determine cultural fit. It’s the latter that sets Zappos.com apart from the herd (moooo!). They ask questions specifically derived from their set of 10 core values.

So much for being humble myself. If I was, this blog wouldn’t be soaked with acronyms like BOOGLs, CGHs, CBMs, SCOLs, and other childish terms from the readme.txt page 🙂

Note: Tony et al will be starting a book tour in August and they will be traveling around in a souped up DH bus. You can follow the happiness on Twitter at dhbus and dhbook and ceo@zappos.

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