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Dude, Read It The Freakin’ First Time

Recently, I was asked by Joe Manager to estimate the amount of resources (people and time) that I thought would be consumed in the development of a large, computationally-intensive, software-centric system. I dutifully did what was asked of me and posted a coarse, first cut estimate on the company wiki for all to scrutinize. I also provided a link to the page to Joe Manager. Unsurprisingly (to me at least) , at the next “planning” meeting I was asked again by Joe, on-the-spot and in real-time, what it would take to do the job if I were to lead the project. Since my pre-meeting intuition told me to bring a hard copy of my estimate to the meeting, I presented it to Mr. Manager and gently reminded him that I had forwarded it to him earlier when he asked for it the (freakin’) first time.

Apparently, besides being forgetful, poor Joe wasn’t told of the not-so-secret policy that I’m not allowed to lead anyone, let alone a team on a large and costly software development project that could be pretty important to the company’s future. Plus, since Joe’s last name is “Manager”, isn’t he supposed to at least consider planning and leading the effort his own freakin’ self? Or is he just envisioning someone else struggling to get it done while he periodically samples status, rides the schedule, and watches from the grassy knoll.

In a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed – Ken Schwaber

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