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Just The Facts Ma’am

The other day, I had a confrontation with an anointed leader. (Being the insensitive and self-righteous jerk that I am, and supposedly incapable of being a leader myself, that happens a lot). After I made some normally “undiscussable” assertions as to the poor leadership behavior (more like NO leadership behavior) being exhibited by my confrontee, he/she accused me of not having all the facts. My counter was, “You’re absolutely right, but when does anyone have ALL the facts before they make a judgment regarding a FUBAR situation or a person’s behavior?“.

How does one know when ALL the facts have been discovered? Is there such a thing as ALL the facts? Even if ALL the facts can be unearthed, is it a foregone conclusion that every fact will always interpreted the same way by all people? Can words or, for the fellow engineers in the house, equations convey any universal truth, or are they just approximations?

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