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Obfuscators And Complexifiers

Since I’m pretty unsuccessful at it, one of my pet peeves is having to deal with obfuscators and complexifiers (OAC). People who chronically exhibit these behaviors serve as formidable obstacles to progress by preventing the right info from getting to the right people at the right time. “They” do so either because they’re innocently ignorant or because they’re purposefully trying to camouflage their lack of understanding on the topic of discussion for fear of “looking bad”. I have compassion for the former, but great disdain for the latter – blech!

The condundrum is, in CCH corpocracies, there’s an unwritten law that says DICs aren’t  “allowed” to publicly expose  purposeful OACs if the perpetrators are above a certain untouchable rank in the infallible corpo command chain. In extremely dysfunctional mediocracies, no one is allowed to call any purposeful OAC out onto the mat, regardless of where the dolt is located in the tribal caste system. In either case, retribution for the blasphemous transgression is always swift, effective, and everlasting. Bummer.

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