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Both Ends Of The Spectrum

Why does it seem that both the best engineers and the worst engineers always gravitate towards becoming managers? Because of a lack of training in the art of humanistic influence and true leadership skills, they usually (but not always) end up turning into STSJ BMs. The real tragedy is the continuous loss of the best engineers into the ranks of corpo elitism. Why? Because the revenue generating products and services they leave in the dust for fame and fortune suffer the consequences of their departure. Thus, the whole company suffers. Bummer.

  1. Ray
    January 5, 2010 at 9:21 am

    No alternate path upward. Many companies proclaim a 2 path career ladder. One through management the other through engineering. The engineering one though is usually a step ladder so people who want to influence the direction is company have to go into management. That is why the Peter Principle is as true to today as it was last century. (That makes it sound more dramatic)

    • January 5, 2010 at 1:03 pm

      I think you’re right. It’s one thing to proclaim dual paths upward (which legions of companies espouse) and another thing to actually implement it effectively (which, I think but don’t know for sure, very few do).

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