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Door Boot

I write pretty much what comes to mind. If you read further into this post, you will discover (if you haven’t already) that because of this behavior pattern, I’m just a blathering idiot.

In high school (I think it actually started back in middle school), me and my superior clique of buddies used to squash words together to create a tribal language that we used to belittle other people and describe funky situations. It was sort of like speaking pigeon English or creating clever acronyms with vowels tucked within them. Some of our language constructs were subtle and hard to decode, especially the ones that collapsed M words into N words where N << M. My favorite of all time, and one of the rare ones that I couldn’t decode on my own was, “Door Boot”. I wish I created it.

Door Boot = “dick show-urr bathing suit”.

I think “door boot” came into existence before the “banana hammock” descriptor came into vogue.

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