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Serial Misbehavers Anonymous

Hello everyone. My name is Tony DaSilva, and I’m a serial misbehaver. I repeatedly and relentlessly attack sacred cows in broad daylight and unsuccessfully attempt to discuss the undiscussables both in public (to their faces) and in private (behind their backs). As you all know yourselves, this behavior is extremely counterproductive and it inflicts a considerable amount of psychological pain upon all those people around me, including those who are multiple hops away from the local carnage.

In addition to slam dunking turds into everybody’s punch bowl, this nasty affliction results in a predictable boomerang effect that overflows my own punch bowl with retaliatory grumpies. Often, the next day’s hangover leads to emotional waves of guilt washing over me and intense feelings of isolation. Someone please be my sponsor and help me to STFU during the tough times when the beast within awakens and wants to possess my body and soul yet once again. D’oh!

“Tony’s behavior was explainable, but not excusable” – KW

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