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Dorkis? Or is it Dorkus?

The other day at the gym, I met a really nice, elderly lady and we started talking about the art of exercise. After a few minutes of chit chat, I introduced myself to her: “My name is Tony“. Then she dropped the bombshell: “I’m Dorkis“. Assuming that she said “Dorothy“, I asked again, and she repeated “Dorkis”. D’oh! WTF? I almost crapped a deuce, but I somehow miraculously kept my composure (which I’m not at all any good at) and didn’t start laughing my ass off.


After she said the D-word, I barely managed to verbalize the response: “Nice to meet you“. Then I automatically went into never-never land and all kinds of stupid jokes and questions spontaneously appeared in my petty little mind:

  • “How do you spell that?”,
  • “I’m sure that I’ve been called that behind my back”,
  • “I’ve called some people that, behind their backs”,
  • “Did you ask your parents why they gave you that name?”,
  • “What was it like for you when you were growing up?”,
  • “Did anyone ever bust a gut laughing just after you introduced yourself to them?”
  • “Did you name one of your children Bumpkis?”,
  • “Is you last name Asskiss?”.

I honestly didn’t hear a word that she said for the next few seconds until a group of other ladies walked by us and said “Hi Dorkis“.

What’s the funniest name of a person that you’ve met?

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