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Lesson Unlearned

Whoo hoo! We finally said screw it, we overcame our fears, and we mustered enough courage and determination to say “hasta la vista baby” to the stifling corpo citadels that we were shackled to. We  huddled together, we created a flexible plan, we busted the cuffs, we scaled the prison wall, and holy crap; we actually freakin’ succeeded. We started our own company. And it’s growing. And our people feel useful and appreciated. And life is good. Ahhhhhhh!

Well duh, of course we need to track and manage revenues and costs, but in our company, unlike the herd we left behind (mooo!), those two obviously important metrics will always take a back seat to taking care of, and leading the people who create, develop, build, and sustain our product portfolio. Because we’ve personally experienced living in the quagmire, we’ve learned our lesson. We get “it” and we’ll never forget “it”. There’s no way, we mean no way, that we’re not gonna end up like our previous corpo hierarchs, who managed to turn it all backasswards – numbers first and people second (even though they innocently espoused the opposite).

Ummmm, yeah…… right. Check out the two parallel timelines below that purport to track the growth and maturity of a hypothetical startup company in the technology industry. I honestly don’t know squat, but I assert that the story reflected by the graphical depiction below is pervasive and ubiquitous, especially throughout the western world. If you could possibly be delirious enough to resonate with the content of this blarticle, then you may interpret the situation as a hopelessly sad state of affairs. Believe it or not, I interpret the situation as neither good nor bad. It just is what it is.

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