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Emotional Messaging

I don’t know about you, but when I feel strongly about topic that I know pretty well, it’s difficult for me to talk about the topic without mixing emotional meaning together with the verbal content of what I’m trying to communicate. Is that a bad thing? In the standard business mindset of a bygone era, it IS a bad thing. It’s “not professional” to show emotion. Those who can keep their emotions in check are annointed as leaders of the corpo castle. Robots rule and there is no room for humanity. Since all leadees watch their leaders closely, and most of the leadees naturally tend to emulate their leaders in the hope of moving up the corpo pyramid to success, mechanistic leaders innocently and unconsciously create mediocre “oatmeal” organizations.

In this day and age of knowledge commoditization, openness, and candor, emotion may be exactly what is needed to catapult an organization to the top. In order to lead, you must not only be competent, but passionate and inspiring. Those words imply the requirement for emotional communication to me.

Without emotional involvement, project outputs tend to be “meh” – cold, bland and mediocre. Classic MBA managers prefer the measurable over the meaningful. Not me. How about you?

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