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The Spock Line

December 10, 2020 3 comments

I most likely now have fewer positive thoughts than You. I most likely now have many more negative thoughts than You. I most likely now cross the Spock line at a much higher frequency than you. I now experience an indescribably horrid, shivering, existential crisis from 8-10 AM on an almost daily basis. I now know why they started asking questions about depression on each visit to the cancer center.

That’s it, that’s the post.

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Incomplete AND Inconsistent

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment

In the early 1900s, Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead published their seminal work, “Principia Mathematica“. Its purpose was to “derive all of mathematics from purely logical axioms” and many smart minds thought they pulled off this Herculean task. However,  Kurt Godel came along and busted up the party by throwing a turd in the punch bowl with his blockbuster incompleteness theorem. The incompleteness theorem essentially states that no system of logic can be both consistent and complete. One or the other, but not both.

So, let’s apply Godel’s findings to “logical“, software-intensive systems:

Next, let’s apply the incompleteness theorem to “logical” management systems:

Me thinks that Mr. Spock, one of my all time heroes because of his calm, cool, and collected demeanor and logical genius, was wrong – at least some of the time. Damn that Kurt Godel!

A Key Ingredient

As Tony Hsieh states in “Delivering Happiness“,

A key ingredient in strong (business) relationships is to develop emotional connections. – Tony Hsieh

In my fantasy world, I find this extremely ironic because, in “business”, most corpricracies only anoint those who can cleverly camouflage their emotions to exalted and coveted leadership positions. And yet, here is Mr. Chez, the CEO of a profitable billion dollar company in the cutthroat shoe retail industry, “nicely” flipping the finger at mainstream American business and the esteemed B-school advice they rode in on.

It’s funny how “passion”, which can be defined as a “strong emotion“, is demanded of the DICforce, but Spock-like emotional control is required by SCOLs and BOOGLs for ascension to the throne.

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