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The Peanut, The Tini, And The Look

February 28, 2013 6 comments

My fave ritual happens every Friday evening as soon as I get home from work. It goes like this:

1) As soon as I get into the house, my best buddy, my dog Morrie, saunters over to the sliding door that opens out onto my deck and plants his butt below the door handle.

2) While Morrie, tail a waggin’ and eyes alight, sits patiently at the door, he watches me sloowly fix up a multi-shot, dirty, vodka martini.

3) After draining the shaker into my ‘tini chalice, I walk over to Morrie and hand him his rubber “peanut“. Then I slide the door open.

4) As soon as the door is open barely wide enough for him to get through, MorrieĀ  bolts over to our sacred spot in the corner of the yard. He then drops the peanut, sits, and looks at me with great anticipation.

5) With ‘tini in hand, I coolly strut over to “our” spot and pick up the peanut.

6) I proceed to play fetch with Morrie over and over and over till I’m done sipping my ‘tini, which, due to the capacity of my chalice, can take quite a long period of time.

7) I pickup the peanut and walk back into the house while Morrie stays put at our sacred spot and gives me his WTF! look.

8) After a few minutes of misplaced “hope“, Morrie dejectedly concludes that we’re done. Then he stretches into his inimitable four point football stance, pees, and comes back into the house.


What’s your fave ritual?

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