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January 23, 2013 2 comments

In golf, when you shank a shot off the tee, sometimes you’re allowed a “Mulligan“. A Mulligan is a “do over” where everyone cheatingly agrees that your first shot never took place and you get to tee off again with no stroke penalty. As you might surmise, I love freakin’ Mulligans; especially when the agreement allows TWO Mulligans per 18 hole round. Whoo Hoo!

Like the bailed-out principals that ignited the world’s financial meltdown, it looks like the army and its contractor cohorts are getting a Mulligan with the cancelled, 15-year, multi-billion dollar JTRS  (Joint Tactical Radio System) program. Everyone involved in the original shank shot gets to wipe the slate clean; the program gets a shiny new name (JTN  = Joint Tactical Networks program) to shake off the prior stank; and the players can start gorging on taxpayer money again.

But of course, this next go around will be different – the approach will be “entrepreneurial” despite the fact that all the participants are huge command & control hiermalarkies.


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