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Mistrust Over Teamwork

October 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Because I’ve stumbled upon several rave reviews of the book, I started reading “Team Geek“.

Right off the bat, the authors present this brilliant graphic:

Supposed To Vs Actual

D’oh! Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to become a good “team player“.

But why do group projects tend to teach mistrust instead of teamwork? Could it be because the ancient hierarchical structures and individual-centric reward policies baked into the vast majority of institutions demand an “it’s all about me” attitude?

Of course not. When someone is castigated by HR for not being a “rah-rah” team player, it’s because of personal failure – not because of dysfunctional organizational structures and policies, right?

Loops Of Distrust

Mistrust reigns everywhere. Governments distrust big businesses and vice versa. Big business heads (and I mean it both literally and figuratively), even though they often superficially espouse otherwise, distrust their low level, non-executive people.

The two cause-effect loop diagrams below crystallize the situation, no? On the left, more regulation begets more lobbying and lawyering – which begets more regulation. Bummer. On the right, more red tape begets more subversion – which begets more red tape. Double freakin’ bummer.

In the government-DYSCO cat-and-mouse duel, government, even though it’s a massively dysfunctional CCH itself, wants its version fairness and equity to prevail. In the DYSCO-DICforce scenario, the DICforce wants its version of fairness and equity to prevail. In both scenarios, the DYSCO DJs want an unfair advantage.

Note: Not all companies are DYSCOs. Only DYSCOs are DYSCOs. Every once in a blue moon I state a disclaimer like this because some people may think I’m a black-and-white binary thinker.Those that do may be binary thinkers themselves?

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